Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Should I bitch about Apsco and complain about how they haven't delivered a working fridge since we ordered one Feb. 8th? Or should I stay with the book and hook theme? I suppose I could talk about being so mad I might crochet myself a fridge. I could keep things warm instead of cold....wait, that's an oven and I HAVE ONE OF THOSE. Perhaps I can read a book about something cold, I hear Looking for Alaska by John Green is wonderful, but isn't Alaska a person in that book?

Instead of gnashing my teeth, I will do the opposite and laugh in the face of extreme rage. I will share my librarian jokes. If you aren't a librarian, you probably won't find these jokes funny, but trust me, if you are a librarian, you will howl! At least all the librarians I have shared these with have howled.....anyway, on to the jokes. This first one is from my friend Kittly who went to graduate library school with me and now is at Queens Borough Public Library. She tells this joke to the non-professional staff and gets blank stares and then tells it to librarians and gets laughs:

How many librarians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

IDK. How many?

What kind of lightbulb?

HAHAHHAHAHA....oh my. I'm crying here!

I gave a really short presentation today with my colleagues Katie and Pat and Jose. Katie and I are librarians and we came up with (ok, Katie thought them all up) these great jokes:

How many of you have heard of twitter or flickr?

Wait for show of hands and then call on Pat, our plant, who is supposed to say, "I don't know about those, but I love my swiffer. It really picks up the pet hair!" Yea. We rock. We also had another one about blogs, but unfortunately, Pat told us that our very humorous librarian jokes were only humorous to us and that we needed to be serious. Sigh. Foiled again.

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spiritualmaya said...

Silly librarians. You can write about anything you want you know. It is your blog and all. :)