Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Audiobooks and Gardening

I have to say, I have found a new use for audiobooks: gardening tools. Yes, you heard it right. I was listening to Silent in the Sanctuary which is the second book in the Lady Julia Grey Mystery series and I was wondering if I should walk or crochet. I was throwing the tennis ball ring for Willow and it occurred to me that I could weed. So I did. I weeded quite alot. And was very pleased with myself to boot. I recommend getting an Audible account. For a small monthly fee you get one book a month. Very reasonable. I also love listening to books as I walk in the mornings or after work at night. And Silent in the Sanctuary is VERY GOOD. Get the first one, then get this one. They are delightful. Very Austenesque and proper. Where's my cup of tea.....

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Fred has begun putting down the floor. It looks great! This is view from the garage door to the dining room. It is bare wood and will need to be sealed.

We found the rat hole. It was behind the dishwasher. Bastards! Haha! You have no entry into our abode any more. So there! I'm very happy. Fred covered it up with metal, so little sharp rodent teeth will be unable to find a way back into the house.

The second pic is of the dining room looking into the kitchen. You
can see the subfloor in this photo. I hate the subfloor and want it to go away.

Almost there! As soon as the floor gets in, we can schedule the countertop. Woot!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Parent Night Tonight

Tonight is the very fun and always thrilling parent night. Where I get to hang in the library and put on my happy face as parents run from me. Really! It's the strangest thing. They really don't want to have small talk with the librarian and they do want to chat with their friends, which I totally get. So every now and then there is a parent I know who will chat with me and the times goes by quickly enough. I will have out database passwords and be prepared for those unwary parents who don't realize all the wonderful things the library has and can offer to their child. Woot! Go Library!

And read a banned book!

Monday, September 8, 2008


Yeah! I finally feel like I am back in the bubble with school. I felt connected and had all my stuff organized and ready to go. The media bias classes went pretty well. I do love journalism. So it was great to talk about the ideals of journalism and being a professional skeptic.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rats in the house

There's a freaking rat in my house! I blame the floor holes. Freaking rat bastard came out of the living room and was going down the stairs to the kitchen. So we gave chase. Into a closet where the sneaky rat bastard eluded us and headed for rat heaven AKA the open rat holes in the kitchen and breakfast room subfloors. I freaking hate renovations and old houses. Hate hate hate hate hate hate...I'm off to have a breakdown.

Willow, Home, School, and Migraines

I think Willow is still a bit sad and missing Thud. She is very often pensive like this.

The house is in complete disarray. This is a shot of Willow being irritated with the changes. This is the breakfast room with a new subfloor. We will be painting this room red.

Fred is into loud banging and sawing and hammering. I always have a hard time with the noise of renovation. Katie says that people have as much sympathy for someone going through a renovation as they do for someone complaining that their boob job caused them pain: not much!

This is the view into the kitchen. It now has none of the old oak flooring. Fred said much of it was rotten.

A look from the bfast room into the kitchen. Willow gets freak out about how you can see through the subfloor in the kitchen to the ground below. I would like to have Gisah send me Fluffy to get rid of any pests who try to come and invade our house. Willow might take exception to that though.

School was off to a hectic start. Administration took the library's classroom because our enrollment was so high. Good for the school's bottom line, but bad for the library curriculum. So I haven't been able to figure out how to get in step with the school year. I can't seem to find my stride and being organized seems tantilizingly out of reach. It should prove to be a very interesting (in the Chinese curse sense: may you live in interesting times) year.

I've had a constant migraine for about 3 days. The migraine buster pills don't seem to cut it and now I've switched to excedrine to try and zap it. Got a weird dizzy nausea feeling yesterday as a I was reading. Very strange. I'm blaming it on the stress. Damn you stress!