Friday, June 20, 2008

Just Say No to Barbie!

Oh! I am so relieved. I just found out that Hillary meant doll animals not Barbies. Yea! I was so not looking forward to crocheting Barbie clothes. hehehehe

I AM looking forward to making clothes for animals. And Toys to Crochet HAS animal clothes patterns. So double yea!

All Because of Hillary....

I'm so excited! Hillary, my friend Katie's 5th grade daughter, wants to crochet! She actually asked to be taught how to knit, but I quickly stepped in and explained how much easier and cooler crochet is. Totally cool, as in way, way cooler than knitting. 8-)

So I went out and bought Toys to Crochet by Claire Garland.

It looks super cool. combine that with Creepy Cool Crochet and man, we are smokin'. I suppose at some point I will need to buy one of those make clothes for your Barbie books as Hill did mention that was her ultimate goal. But the dolls in this Toys to Crochet are great and there are clothes to be crocheted for them. AND they have a mermaid doll. How cool is that?

I'm not sure the Beth, at 6 years old, will be able to crochet, but I'll give it a shot. It might be more my thing than hers. I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Something Has Died Inside....

Inside our house! It stinks too. In fact, it permeates almost every room. We thought we might have had a little mouse in the house, but now I think we have a dead mouse in the house. It really is awful. And the worst thing is, after a few minutes you begin not to notice it. It's probably under the living room floor in the crawl space. No way to get to it. So it will have to remain and be stinky until it dries out. Gross.


Both of the cubbies are finished and are full of yarn. I didn't have any space for my crochet books. I have lots of yarn. My father said it looked like a yarn store. Sigh. Does noone understand the need to have yarn just in case you see a great pattern and need to get started right away! Anyway, it allows me to organize my yarn, my tools and my currently working projects.I have lots of UFOs (un-finished objects!).


In other bee news, while our two hives were removed and went to live in a new bee sanctuary, we did discover that out huge oak tree in the side yard has a hive of wild honey bees in one of the limbs. Woot! Yeah for wild honey bees! Now I don't feel so bad. They are still in our yard and we have a thriving bee population and they are sweet bees.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Cubby Has Arrived

The Smith and Hawken Cedar Yarn Cubby has arrived. I bought two, but will only show the one as we have only put up the one so far. To the right you can see it all in pieces:

Here we have Fred putting it together. I orginally only asked for help with whether I was using the drill correctly, but Fred took over. Which was a good thing as the way this is designed, it is very easy to split a board. We only split one, which Fred says is a miracle (because he's so good! 8-).

Here is the final product with some of my yarn inside it. I say some, because I have tons more yarn. This was a smaller cubby than I thought it was going to be. I also thought that the bottom shelf would hold all of my books, but I decided to put the books elsewhere and use this for 100% yarn and thread.

Here is all the yarn that is still waiting for the second cubby to be put together. I told you I had a ton of yarn!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

IPOD Case from Hooked on Crochet

Hooked on Crochet has a great little pattern for a cell phone, which I modified to be an IPOD case. I made it out of some of the yarn I got in Santa Fe as Pie wanted a green case. I added a closure tab, so the IPOD wouldn't fall out per Lindsey's request. I just need to find some cute buttons to sew in.

Now I need to know if Pie and Lindsey like this design and whether they want a flower (and if so, what color!) or if they want something else, like a leaf, and whether this color is ok. So Pie and Lindsey, take a look and let me know!