Saturday, January 16, 2010

Don't Eat at Waltz Fish Shak!

Just want to make sure that everyone knows our recent bad experience at Waltz Fish Shak at Johns Pass. Personally, I don't know why a restaurant would hassle people with a service dog, but these people did. Fred said that when we walked in the bartender gave him a nasty look as well. Whatever. Avoid the restaurant and tell your friends to avoid it. They obviously aren't friendly to the disabled or those who sympathize with them. Spread the word.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Don't Get Crafty Friends Gift Cards to Jo-Ann's!

For Christmas I had asked for some items from Jo-Ann's craft store, so my brother and sister-in-law got me a gift card thinking that I could shop online or in the store. WRONG! Due to an incredibly stupid programming error on Jo-Ann's part, they have set up their website so that you have to enter an electronic card number and pin number and a plastic card number and pin number. ALL FOUR NUMBERS. If you only have a plastic gift card, you won't have the electronic numbers and if you have an electronic card, you won't have the plastic numbers. So you can't use the gift cards AT ALL online.

Of course, if you are a knitter or a crocheter, this is a big deal because Jo-Ann's carries very little stock of crochet and knitting paraphernalia. Ball winders: online purchase only. Stitch holders: online purchase only. You get the picture.

So when I called, two weeks ago and complained about this problem, I was told it would take 4 days to fix and I could go to store and use my card or wait 4 days and use it online. I waited 6 days. It still didn't work. It's been 2 weeks. It still doesn't work.

I guess I will go into a store and use the card or I won't be able to use my gift card at all. I hope this screw up is costing Jo-Ann's an enormous amount of money because they certainly aren't trying very hard to fix the problem and their customer service people are not very helpful.

Next year I will request stitchdiva gift cards instead. They have excellent customer service and actually understand the concept of gift cards.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back to School and Looking Back at 2009

Tomorrow is the start of school. With it I begin the Health research paper process that kicks off the research paper frenzy that is third marking period. It will be a rush to spring break. Madness, really. No time to breathe.

Good thing my article is finished. No more editing to do. It comes out at the end of January. I finished perusing a manuscript for a friend and commenting on it over break. So that is off my plate as well. I wish I had time to crochet, but ever since Bingo came into my life, crochet has disappeared. But I wouldn't wish Bingo away for the world. It has been quite an experience so far these 6 months with him.

It seemed like a lark, being able to take your dog everywhere. But in actuality, it is a lot of hard work. There are many frustrating times, some when I am frustrated with myself for my lack of patience with him, with him for not being super Bingo (which is really just a backhanded way of being frustrated with myself and being delusional about it 8-) and frustrated with people.

I remember clearly walking out of school with Bingo, my HUGE bag, my HUGE purse and another bag and trying to get to my car quickly. Bingo was out of coat. The mom and her young son ran up and said, "Oh, he's out of coat, so we can pet him, right?" and then proceeded to pet him without waiting for me to get him ready. Bingo jumped. I was really hard pressed to maintain my balance let alone respond. Then she says, "Well, he's gonna fail for sure," and walks off. Really. Like you just failed Manners 101? Sigh. I know he's not perfect, but please.

But that is really the only occurance that comes to mind that was unpleasant. Overall, I have met so many nice, friendly people. What's even better, is that when I am walking with Bingo, he elicites smiles. He makes people happy and that makes me happy.

So even though it is hard work and at end of the road there will be tears, the journey down the road is a happy one. There isn't much that can beat reaching down and petting your dog when you are having a tough day or getting a lick on the face.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Best Advice from a Magazine Article Ever

Unfortunately, I can't remember the magazine, Redbook or Ladies Home Journal I'm sure. It was one of the many that my mom subscribes to and to which during the holiday I turned to when the TV was turned to sports. As I flicked through the pages, I came upon some interesting website mentions ( and for designer items at cut rate prices. Evidently when some of the jewelry stores go out of business and sell lots of merchandise, places like the aforementioned websites buy up the lots and then auction them off. They only cater to the high and snooty though. Hautelook does not require a waiting period, but Gilt does. Both require that you register.

Back to that famous advice. As I flicked through the articles (and wrote down those websites to try later!), I came upon an article on the worlds best organizers on their top tips for organizing. "Yeah, yeah." I thought. "Sure. Like every article I have every read on organizing goes in one eyeball and out the other." I read it and don't do one thing."

But I read on. And on. And on. And for the most part it was forgettable. But there were two pieces of advice that stood out as so valuable that I thought I should pass them on. I'm passing them on because with the first one I ACTUALLY DID IT WHEN I WENT HOME AND IT WORKS! And I think the second will work as well.

1. When you sit down to watch TV, grab a drawer, any drawer and bring a trash can over with you by the chair. As you watch TV, sort through the drawer and throw away the stuff you don't need, keep what you do, put in a bag to stuff to give away. OMG does this work! I've gone through FIVE drawers already!

2. Buy only white sheets and towels. Pretty simple, but seems very effective.

So my New Year's Resolution's are what you see above. I think I can do that and I'll be more organized too. I'll work on the more complicated stuff as the year goes on.