Friday, November 28, 2008

Whiskey from Scotland

I'm not a big drinker. Actually, I rarely drink at all, let alone whiskey. However, on a trip to Scotland several years ago the Scottish B&B owners and the other couple staying the B&B recommended a blended scotch that was magnificent! Peaty and warm and fabulous. We have ordered it in the past from Loch Fyne Whiskies in Scotland (it isn't sold in the US). So, if you want a taste treat for xmas, ask for Te Bheag (it's pronounced Chey Veck, it's gaelic). You won't be disappointed. I mention this because I have just ordered some to restock our cabinet. I thought you might enjoy the recommendation.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's about the story, sister.

The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch is the first book in a wild, swashbuckling fantasy series from the fertile imagination of Scott Lynch. He is so darn creative and so fabulous, that you just can't stop reading. And the books are bloody, action packed and have a hint of romance. Just the thing for boys and girls, or men and women, rather, as the language is salty and the hero is a bad boy.
Recently at the book store, I realized that I had missed the sequel (Red Seas under Red Skies). I bought it knowing that a ripping good yarn was soon to be had. Man, was it ever. I tell you, Lynch is a consumate storyteller. He is crafty and wily. And he doesn't explain everything. There are loose threads and you itch to know what is going to be done with them.
Fear not! On Feb. 24, 2009, the Republic of Thieves comes out. Book three and one I hope that will lead to a bit more than just making it through the caper. Jean and Locke deserve some really good things to happen and my fingers are crossed and my toes are tapping with impatience!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mad Fold-ins

The NYTimes has an interactive set of Mad magazine's fold-ins. I wasn't much of a Mad reader, but this was a pretty cool story. Thanks to Neil Gaiman's blog for pointing it out. BTW, if you haven't read Coraline (or frankly, any of his stories, books and GNs), go out and do that. Ask for it for xmas. In fact, if you have any small girls, or medium girls or girls who like fantasy, I say, put this on their list for the holidays. It's great.

Presently, it is 3 in the morning and I am being pestered with peculiar thoughts. So I got up and folded clothes and tried to get those pesky thoughts out of my head, then I crocheted, then I resorted to the internet and this post.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Garrison Keillor in Person

Mom and Dad arrived on Saturday and on Sunday we all went to see Garrison Keillor speak. Keillor is more famously known for his radio show A Prairie Home Companion. So we were expecting something like that, but more comtemporary, hear about his personal life, perhaps, being a parent at a late age (as the commericials for WUSF advertised) or even some political commentary.

No. We didn't get that. I guess I would have been happy with a well-thought out performance, but Keillor seemed to be resting on his laurels. Content to chat about Lake Woebegone, he meandered around what seemed to be a theme of coming from dark, dark people, but really, he was just wandering. Wandering, it turns out, aimlessly. He started out great: funny, cogent, entertaining with some songs mixed in with his musings. But then he lost his way. I got the impression that he thought the sold-out crowd at Mahaffey would be happy with whatever he threw our way, but we, at least, had higher expectations. When his wandering turned into rambling and then just ended abruptly, followed by an odd song that seemed like three or four songs all jumbled together, I guess we should have taken his point at the beginning of the talk that he really can't write sonnets.....unfortunately for us, it turned out we paid for him to write the bad sonnets and sing them to us.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mozart's Requiem

We went to hear Amy sing with the Eckerd Choir today. She was great.
They were all wonderful. It was a show for the 50th anniversary for Eckerd. Alumnae from around the world came to sing. There were three featured alum soloists and two local singers.

The next photo is Fred outside of the chapel where the performance took place. Great performance space. In the round.

We also worked on the floor this weekend. We found some great tile (actually, it is stone) that matches the tile in the family room and the wood. It is 1by1 title. It was a bit expensive, but since we didn't need much, we went for it. It is just wonderful.

Mom and dad get here this coming weekend. Then we go to see Garrison Keillor. So, Thanksgiving promises to be a long movie watching holiday. Woot!

Ooooooh. New glasses!

A couple of weeks ago, we had a Broadway and Hollywood agent come to speak with the advanced drama students. He is the uncle of one of our student library proctors (she's wonderful and her uncle was a sweet guy and a great speaker) about being an agent. He happened to have amazing glasses. So I asked where he got them. Unfortunately, he bought them in Italy, but fortunately for me, they sell them online too! Woot! New glasses for me and cheaper than in Italy (how odd is that?). If you like them, go to Ottica Carraro. They are a soft plastic and come in too die for colors. Next on my list is a poison green pair! Fred should like these better than my vintage glasses as they are large enough to show my eyes.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Cats Are Nuts

Jan sent me this hysterical clip. Just proves that cats are nuts and dogs are way better. Heeheehee.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Willow and St. Pete Museum of Fine Arts

Here is a shot of Willow with a fancy collar on. Fred doesn't like it when I dress her up, but I think she looks fabulous.
The small painting is my favorite from the newly enlarged St. Pete Museum of Fine Art. Called a gem by the media, it is a charming museum that manages to get some very high quality shows in to town. In addition, their education department is very good and they are being very hospitable about working with us and one of the French classes on a videoconferencing project. I love this small
painting because it is of the moonlight, in the forest where anything can happen, a magical place. Andre says I'm a romantic. But, there's nothing wrong with that, I suppose. It's by Ralph Albert Blakelock and is untitled from about 1885. They describe him as a painter of poetic and visionary landscapes. You can see his other works at Artcylopedia, in particular the one at the Boston museum.

Lost in a Time Warp

Man....Life has been screaming by. I haven't had a moment to spare to blog. So this blog may be very, very long!

I will start with my crochet: First off, I did another monkey cell phone holder, which I gave away to Jaimie.

Then I took the yarn that Christy brought me from Peru (I'm including a photo of Christy here (Spiritual Maya blog) from our expedition to find shoes and the right wedding makeup (PPS We found both!!!! I am sooooo good at shopping!) Doesn't she look lovely?). Anyway, I made it into a lovely pashmina using the lover's knot (solomon's knot) and a frilly border. Actually, this photo doesn't really do it justice as it is amazingly soft and pretty and it looks kind of strange in the photo. Trust me. It is nice.

And finally, I made another scarf/pashmina for Gisah for her birthday. I think it turned out quite nice. Although, I am always nevous sending stuff I made to Gisah as she is so much better at it than I am!

Here are the lovely roses my fabulous hubby sent me for our 17th wedding anniversary. I actually got 18, but there seems to be some debate as to whether I got 18 because of his overwhelming love for me or because they had a special on a dozen and a half roses.