Monday, July 7, 2008

More IPOD Covers and Purses

IPOD Covers:

To the left you can see the little Iphone/Ipod cover that I made for mom. It has a cute ladybug button. I made a plain one for dad. They seem to like them pretty well. I did them in the round, so the fit is a bit tighter, which I like.

This is the green purse body, partially felted. The machine felting didn't do a real good job. I put it through twice. I think I need to do it again with tennis shoes for agitation.

Here are the purse straps before and after felting. The straps felted pretty easily, but the purse bodies were much more difficult.

The photo to the left shows the sari yarn. It is very brilliant and the photo doesn't do it justice. Perhaps I'll get a better camera when my incentive check arrives. 8-)

The purse body I was making with this yarn is done. I just need to stitch it up and then add the strap. It should give over time, they say. So we'll see how it does. I'm really pleased with the yarn though. It does vary in thickness, but overall is easy to work with. There wasn't much in the way of sticks and odd bits of detritus in the yarn, so it was pretty clean.

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Yarndoodles said...

Glad you figured out how to do the iPod covers in the round : )