Friday, November 28, 2008

Whiskey from Scotland

I'm not a big drinker. Actually, I rarely drink at all, let alone whiskey. However, on a trip to Scotland several years ago the Scottish B&B owners and the other couple staying the B&B recommended a blended scotch that was magnificent! Peaty and warm and fabulous. We have ordered it in the past from Loch Fyne Whiskies in Scotland (it isn't sold in the US). So, if you want a taste treat for xmas, ask for Te Bheag (it's pronounced Chey Veck, it's gaelic). You won't be disappointed. I mention this because I have just ordered some to restock our cabinet. I thought you might enjoy the recommendation.

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FredCanDoIt said...

You might also mention that you are hopelessly romantic about all things Scottish (including me, right?)