Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

This is Fred's birthday present to me! I'm so stoked! It's a watercolor by Sandra Lallemand. It is magical! I love it. I found it in a gallery of Dade City artists when I went to lunch with friends up there at Lunch on Limoges (try the shrimp and grits, it rocks!)

Fred and I usually never agree on art, but I knew once I saw this that he would like it too. After all, it is of a tree and we all know what a tree maniac he is! 8-)

So, thanks Fred! I love it.


Yarndoodles said...

Wow, very nice! I think it looks lovely on your wall. Is that in the new dining room?
Hopefully we can pick up some other lovely paintings in Italy this summer! We were just watching International House Hunters yesterday and they were win Tuscany! Fred would love this house they the middle of an olive grove. I think we could split a house since they were pretty expensive...$750,000!!! I could live there in a heartbeat!

FredCanDoIt said...

Happy Birthday. What you don't know is that I painted this under my new pseudonym and took it to Dade City, knowing you would go there. To be honest, I painted most of the watercolors in that exhibit, so there was a good chance you'd pick one of mine.