Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Eye of Night The Eye of Night by Pauline Alama

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It starts with a prophet, a fool and a priest. While you might think that is the start of a joke, it isn't. I first heard of this book from author Ann Aguirre (Eye of Night book club discussion). Her high praise was deserved indeed! Pauline Alama has created a stand alone epic fantasy that is quite enjoyable.

The Troubles have come and people are fleeing the North. All except Jereth, Hwynn, and Lady Trenara. One is a prophet, one a fool and one a former priest. These three have in their possession a mysterious orb that may be a living organism, is definitely powerful, but is the power for good or evil? Is their quest a fool's errand or a quest to save the world?

What made this especially lovely was the blooming romance between the prophet and the priest. It isn't your usual romance, but it does give a nod to those fairy stories where the old crone is asking for water at the well and the kind girl who helps her is rewarded. So often it is tiring and unbelievable to read about the excessively attractive lead characters. Here, the characters are flawed, hurting, and not perfect and their humanness is so compelling that when you near the end it is positively aching to read on. But do read on. You will be rewarded

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FredCanDoIt said...

I found that Maggurtoth was a bit unfair to Leanderling, but in the end he got his horgarth caught in the larnx, so I guess he learned his lesson. (Ouch)