Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Headmaster

We're in the middle of a search for a new headmaster. We will be having the final candidates coming through here in the next couple of weeks and it will all be very interesting to see who we finally end up with.

I am scheduled, along with all the other department chairs, to meet with the candidate for an hour. That means I might be able to get in two questions. So, we are having a team meeting to decide what the two questions should be.

If you got a new headmaster, what would your two questions be for him/her regarding the library? What would you ask that would give a feel for where they stand on electronic v. print materials (The Cushing Question) or does that matter to you? Should they be a reader? Should they be a technologist?

We have a headmaster who is a voracious reader of mysteries. He is also a strong library supporter. We've had quite a good run under his sponsorship because he believes in the mission of the library and that we are a part of the educational mission of the school and not just a warehouse for books that volunteers can run. His retirement is going to leave us feeling very sad.

So, if you have conducted a search in the past and found a question to be particular useful, please share it.

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