Sunday, September 28, 2008


Fred has begun putting down the floor. It looks great! This is view from the garage door to the dining room. It is bare wood and will need to be sealed.

We found the rat hole. It was behind the dishwasher. Bastards! Haha! You have no entry into our abode any more. So there! I'm very happy. Fred covered it up with metal, so little sharp rodent teeth will be unable to find a way back into the house.

The second pic is of the dining room looking into the kitchen. You
can see the subfloor in this photo. I hate the subfloor and want it to go away.

Almost there! As soon as the floor gets in, we can schedule the countertop. Woot!


Share said...

yeah i got one a few months ago, it is still very young. lol yes, i loved celebrating my bday with you guys!

btw, the floor looks great so far!

richard said...

What the heck was Willow doing while the teeny mice were playing, no treats, till she takes her watchdog role seriously, eh!!!!!!!!

CD McLean said...

She'll never be a watchdog. Toooooooo fearful!