Saturday, September 6, 2008

Willow, Home, School, and Migraines

I think Willow is still a bit sad and missing Thud. She is very often pensive like this.

The house is in complete disarray. This is a shot of Willow being irritated with the changes. This is the breakfast room with a new subfloor. We will be painting this room red.

Fred is into loud banging and sawing and hammering. I always have a hard time with the noise of renovation. Katie says that people have as much sympathy for someone going through a renovation as they do for someone complaining that their boob job caused them pain: not much!

This is the view into the kitchen. It now has none of the old oak flooring. Fred said much of it was rotten.

A look from the bfast room into the kitchen. Willow gets freak out about how you can see through the subfloor in the kitchen to the ground below. I would like to have Gisah send me Fluffy to get rid of any pests who try to come and invade our house. Willow might take exception to that though.

School was off to a hectic start. Administration took the library's classroom because our enrollment was so high. Good for the school's bottom line, but bad for the library curriculum. So I haven't been able to figure out how to get in step with the school year. I can't seem to find my stride and being organized seems tantilizingly out of reach. It should prove to be a very interesting (in the Chinese curse sense: may you live in interesting times) year.

I've had a constant migraine for about 3 days. The migraine buster pills don't seem to cut it and now I've switched to excedrine to try and zap it. Got a weird dizzy nausea feeling yesterday as a I was reading. Very strange. I'm blaming it on the stress. Damn you stress!

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Yarndoodles said...

Wow, sounds like a lot of things going in! I've been thinking about redoing our bathroom...but just the thought of the noise and mess makes me shudder. I feel for you sistah. Hope the migraines go away!