Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas Is Packed Away

Saturday, it was all about my birthday. We went to lunch at Mitchell's Fish Market with Tom and Julia and then went to see Gran Torino starring the very handsome and still sexy Clint Eastwood. Man. Do a search on google images on Clint and you will get some great eye candy! I was hoping for a happy movie, but Gran Torino ended up being quite a good fit for the day. It was thought provoking and very funny, but also touching and warm. The only false note in the film is the boy playing the priest. He is so awful that you just want Clint to shot him so he won't show up in any more scenes!

We ended the day at Casa Ludovico's at 1710 Alt 19, Palm Harbor, FL (727-784- 7779), which is our favorite fancy dress restaurant. It didn't disappoint. I had the black spaghetti with conch and clams and it had just a hint of spicy and was very tasty.

Sunday was a work day as we finally took down Christmas. There is something so nice about boxing it all up and putting it away. A month is plenty long to have it out and while I am a real Christmas nut, I did sigh in relief as the tree was put out to the curb and I vacuumed up needles. I have a themed tree: I only put up ornaments with chili peppers or cows. Here are a few of my favorite ornaments:

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