Friday, June 5, 2009

Dammit! I thought I was so clever!

Here I thought I was so very clever, looking at Kate Gosselin's hair and thinking OMG reverse mullet! How horrible! What Were You Thinking Kate? Not that I ever watched Jon and Kate. No really, reality tv makes me queasy. Literally queasy. I have to stop my husband from watching to many political screaming shows where they just pick two sides to yell at each other. It makes me ill. The show Big Brother made me sick, all those people being awful to each other. And Survivor seemed too awful as well. Amazing Race seemed like it might be watchable, but I never did try it. The thought of it made me tense.

But one of the odd things I do (among the many odd things, I'm sure, if you ask my friends and family) to destress, is look for haircuts and then copy photos of them into a word document to take to my hairstylist. So I was looking at Kate Gosselin's hair because I do love a good bob and I was curious about the back of her hair. When I realized that she had two haircuts: party in the front, business in the back. OMG. A Reverse Mullet. Was I the only one to realize this? Well, evidently not. Capital Hill Style pointed it out on May 18, 2009 and since I didn't immediately document when I figured this out I can't claim it was me. Poo. But I CAN claim to have gotten my hair cut and to have AVOIDED the dreaded reverse mullet. So yea me! Score one for fashion sense.


richard said...

CD, mom wants you to get "sweetness at the bottom of the pie" for her??

CD McLean said...

I have it at home now. It's great. You will like to too.