Friday, June 6, 2008

Cubby Has Arrived

The Smith and Hawken Cedar Yarn Cubby has arrived. I bought two, but will only show the one as we have only put up the one so far. To the right you can see it all in pieces:

Here we have Fred putting it together. I orginally only asked for help with whether I was using the drill correctly, but Fred took over. Which was a good thing as the way this is designed, it is very easy to split a board. We only split one, which Fred says is a miracle (because he's so good! 8-).

Here is the final product with some of my yarn inside it. I say some, because I have tons more yarn. This was a smaller cubby than I thought it was going to be. I also thought that the bottom shelf would hold all of my books, but I decided to put the books elsewhere and use this for 100% yarn and thread.

Here is all the yarn that is still waiting for the second cubby to be put together. I told you I had a ton of yarn!


spiritualmaya said...

This looks great! Yarn rocks!

Yarndoodles said...

Geez Cheryl, you have a ton of yarn!!!