Thursday, June 12, 2008

Something Has Died Inside....

Inside our house! It stinks too. In fact, it permeates almost every room. We thought we might have had a little mouse in the house, but now I think we have a dead mouse in the house. It really is awful. And the worst thing is, after a few minutes you begin not to notice it. It's probably under the living room floor in the crawl space. No way to get to it. So it will have to remain and be stinky until it dries out. Gross.


Both of the cubbies are finished and are full of yarn. I didn't have any space for my crochet books. I have lots of yarn. My father said it looked like a yarn store. Sigh. Does noone understand the need to have yarn just in case you see a great pattern and need to get started right away! Anyway, it allows me to organize my yarn, my tools and my currently working projects.I have lots of UFOs (un-finished objects!).


In other bee news, while our two hives were removed and went to live in a new bee sanctuary, we did discover that out huge oak tree in the side yard has a hive of wild honey bees in one of the limbs. Woot! Yeah for wild honey bees! Now I don't feel so bad. They are still in our yard and we have a thriving bee population and they are sweet bees.

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