Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bye Bye Big Guy

Thud passed away on Friday. His big heart just gave out. Back in May we thought we might lose him and he underwent about a week of tests and needles poking in his heart to drain off fluid. The good thing was that he came home perfectly fine. And he remained perfectly fine until Friday morning.

He definitely slept more, ate slower and was more fond of sitting and giving you disapproving looks when you wanted him to move. But overall, from May until Friday we had a pretty healthy old man dog on our hands who got lots of treats, lots of love and lots of naps. He was a very fine dog. On Thursday night he was eating popcorn and had is ears all perky. Then on Friday morning it was like a light was switched off. Not moving, not eating. We took him in to the vet's that morning and they called that night to say his heart had stopped.

We still see him out of the corner of our eye, a solid black blob on the floor, but when you look directly at the area, he isn't there. Willow misses him and has been sleeping with us. To the right is a photo of Thud and Willow.


Yarndoodles said...

I will always remember Thud as a "gentle giant". He will be missed but he had a great life with his mom and dad and pals.

FredCanDoIt said...

We will miss you, big daddy. Thanks for the life lesson. I will never forget it.

Anonymous said...

We're sorry for your loss. It's always dificult when our friends leave us.