Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fred Can Do It

My husband has decided to join the blogosphere. You can find a link to his blog on everything but software development at the right. You can also subscribe to it. We are doing a very complicated kitchen renovation that involves pulling up the wood floors, fixing a sagging floor and replacing with new wood. Then we will get new granite countertops. I'm thinking green. I'm worried about critters coming up from the subfloor. I really don't like being able to see dirt when I look down the cracks of the subfloor. Fred assures me that this subfloor will be sealed and no critters will be able to get into the house.


Yarndoodles said...

Maybe you guys should borrow Fuzzy the cat...she's great at catching critters : )

richard said...

So are big stinking gators

FredCanDoIt said...

Thanks for helping me with the blog and for your kind words of support. I believe we will make a great ticket in 2012 (McLean/McLean 2008!)