Friday, August 8, 2008

Twilight Tea Party (Breaking Dawn Spoiler info: Beware!)

Tea Party was a big success. Here we are with all the on time people (BE ON TIME! COLD SCONES DON'T TASTE GOOD!). 8-)

We all had questions about how Edward was able to impregnate Bella since he wasn't able to cry or have any bodily fluids other than blood. So how is 100-year-old sperm supposed to stay active? Really, Stephenie! And the whole, it's our honeymoon, we kissed and then when we woke the next morning.....WHAT? Three books we wait for the honeymoon scene and you give us that? Really, really disappointing. And then she makes Jacob into a wuss. A total Wuss! Please. And the name Renesme? OMFG. Honestly! There were so many things that you just want to scream about and yet, I have to say that with this book I liked Edward. I even liked Bella. She grew a spine and stood up for something. I was riveted. I spent all day Sunday reading and fending off requests from my husband to "Please honey, don't you want to help me in the garden?" "I have 400 pages to go." "Would you like to plant those plants YOU picked out?" "I have 200 pages to go." So is it worth reading. Heck yes. I liked it best I think in spite of all the problems. The host, I'm not so sure about.
We are missing Katie and her daughter, but I think everyone is in the photo except the boys, and they really weren't into the discussion of Edward's bodily fluids.

Food breakdown. The tarts were fine. One brownie tart was great, but the other was a bit gooey I thought. The pie was a no-go as only Bess and Fred had a piece. I guess fruit pie is a loser compared to chocolate. The new bread I used for sandwiches made making the sandwiches much easier, but I didn't like the bread and will go back to fresh baked and slice my own. I did like the little toasties for hummus. That I will use again.

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