Sunday, October 5, 2008

Demon-loving, Jihadist, Hockey Mom

You read it right! Fred said that yesterday's purchases at Borders would
probably put me on some FBI watch list. Here's what I bought:
First, for Fred, I bought a modern translation of the Koran. He said this version was recommended. Since it was educator's weekend at Borders, I got it for 25% off. A very cool deal. That's on his bedside table to start after he finishes Rushdie's latest (Fred's an enigma too!).
For myself and my teens who are into the whole paranormal romance,
I bought five books (buy four romances, get the fifth free). I brought
Booklist magazine with me so I could pick out soe fine authors. Paranormal
romance is a mystery (usually) romance story where there is magic, werewolves (my personal favorites), vampires and demons of various sorts. I love paranormal romance!
Then, came my painful bookstore moment. We are doing an election display
for Oct. and our new shelving just arrived. We ordered all sorts of books of a
red/blue nature, but amazon was all out of Palin's book (at right). I knew we didn't have her book and while I find her personally reprehensible and a political ignoramus, she is still on the ticket. For us to not have the book wouldn't make for an objective display. The journalist in me required that I buy the book. The librarian in my said I need to have both sides. So, I picked it up off the shelf, brought it to the counter and paid for it. Damn. I hate being fair!
I also bought Twilight posters and t-shirts for our vampire film festival. Because paranormal romance rocks!

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Yarndoodles said...

yep, sucks being fair! Luckily, anyone w/ any smarts will read right through Sarah and her book! The rest of the ones who agree w/ her can all fall into an abyss and rot.
BTW, speaking of guys in FL better not mess it up for the rest of us : )