Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Yep, I'm Tired

I have to say that I am a tired puppy. The floor is nearly done. Fred is a workaholic. He sanded and sanded and got it all ready. I helped a tiny tiny bit.

But it means we can't use the dining room, bfast room and kitchen. Tough tough. And work has been a bitch too. Lots of cool technology usage. Good news! But very time consuming. Bad news! Sigh. I do like it, but sometimes I feel wrung out.

Fred's Aunt Helen is moving next weekend. That will be sad. She was so fun to visit, but we didn't visit often enough, I think. She will be much happier in Prescott and I think they need her there as well.

Book club went well. Most liked Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto. I LOVED IT. I brought sushi for the food and some wings as well.

I finished one shawl and am starting on another. I'll post a photo later on. I'm just wiped out I guess. Need to drink more juice.

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