Wednesday, October 22, 2008

If you don't have a book pimp, what do you do?

Michele accused me of being like a crack dealer when it came to books. I prefer to think of myself as a book pimp, hooking the masses up to a really good read. 8-) I just recently discovered some great online book pimps that can help anyone hook up with a good book. The suggestions come from my Booklist magazine.

  • Fresh Press: Books and Authors in the National Media
  • Good Reads: Web 2.0 social networking site for readers and their books. Library Thing and Shelfari are others, but Good Reads seems to be the favorite.
  • Overbooked: has lists and starred reviews. Good for finding the best of the best.
  • StoryCode and What Should I Read Next?: Readalike suggestions based on users preferences. Good for unknown or obscure books or to kick start the readers advisory process.
  • WhichBook?: What's your mood? Let your mood pick your book! Totally cool.

So, now you should be prepared to find a good book when I am not around to guide you. Keep me posted!


Share said...

omg i am totally gonna use thos links! im so excited!!!

FredCanDoIt said...

I prefer Book Madame