Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I have a pretty cool post on the visit by her excellency, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the president of the Republic of Liberia. But it is on my laptop. And my laptop is at home. So I will post it later.

For now. I will have to talk about something else. I am thinking about starting a separate blog on getting the guide dog puppy. Since I will have it at school, I was thinking it would be kind of cool to have the students write in and have info about the puppy there. Then they can follow what he did during the day. That might be totally sweet.

What else is going on? Well, school is almost over! Thank the sweet lord. I swear this has been the hardest year ever. We started the year with a flood on the mezzanine, which threw everything out of whack and then we had such a huge enrollment (good for the school, but bad for the library classroom) that the library classroom had to be used as a regular classroom, which threw off all of our library classes. But Dave and Katie and I soldiered on and managed to have quite a fine year in spite of the changes. We were able to go into the classrooms and teach there and also on the floor of the library. It was a year of required FLEXIBILITY and we all did wonderfully.

But I am anxious to get my summer started, start reading books and crocheting. I will be having a stitch n bitch session at my house every Friday (except for those Fridays when Mom and Dad will be in town, as they don't crochet haha!). I also plan to teach Beth how to crochet. I need to find something to do with Jaime as well. I don't want him to feel left out if I take Beth off to crochet.

I had a great day of finding books for students today. Wonderful day. I found dystopian books, "ah, the humanity" books, thick tomes of Ayn Rand, tragic romances, and fun happy books. And I still have students and teachers coming in with requests. Woohoo! It's my most favorite thing to do. Imani checked out 12 books! Yea, pat me on the back! Go books!


richard said...

Yes, I do not crochet, but I can sit in the corner and drink Jack Daniels and Kibbitz, eh?

richard said...

I'm tired of this corner and this Jack Daniels, I'm switching to Knob Creek and I,m siting on the intersection...