Monday, May 11, 2009

Nate Redux

So we take Nate to the monthly guide-dog in training meeting at the Symphony Under the Stars. Nate has not been trained very well and proceeds to show out.

Here is Fred trying to get Nate to sit down. He didn't want to sit down or lie down. He wanted to walk around. All the other dogs are being very quiet. Not Nate. He was the only barking dog. Sigh. And he isn't our dog. But they don't know that, so we look like the puppy raisers from hell.

Then he proceeds to expose himself, but he was lying down, so I didn't really care.

Finally, he fell asleep. He's a very sweet dog, but a knucklehead. He doesn't know the stay command, or the down command. And he only sits about 50% of the time. He's a nut.

Speaking of Nuts. There was this lady at the symphony in front of us. Too bad for her! They really got shafted when we sat down with Nate the Wonder dog. Anyway, Nate starts shifting around and wagging his tail, and his tail is just barely touching her hand.

So she gets up and moves her stuff way far forward to get away from him. I felt a bit bad, but then I though, jeez, have a sense of humor lady. We've got guide dogs in training. Lighten up. I put my bag in front of her so Nate wouldn't get near her again.

Turns out that Nate is a good dog at restaurants. Here he is sleeping on the ground next to our table. He was excellent at the restaurant. Final verdict is I am glad to see him go, but he was sweet and I will miss him just an eentsy bit.