Friday, March 20, 2009

Eating in the Santa Fe Area

Wednesday we went to Taos to see the Taos Pueblo, but it was closed until the 22nd.  We did have the happy circumstance of eating at Orlando's.   Do NOT miss this place.  I will post the photos of our wonderful food later, but to suffice it to say, if you want authentic New Mexican cuisine, Orlando's is your place.  I am having a serious craving for their biscochitos dipped in chocolate.  Splendid.  Kitty had chicken tacos and Sheldon had a very good taco salad.  Fred can't remember what he got, but he liked it.  I got La Reina, which had three carne adovado tenderloins with a dark, rich red sauce, a cheese enchilada, hominy and pinto beans.  It was so wonderful.  I can't wait to go back.

We went to Cafe Pasqual's last night for dinner and had a great meal.  I started with a sweet potato and chipotle cream soup, which was a bit thin, but tasty.  Then I had the papusa, which is a stuffed corn cake.  The filling was a variety of vegetables.  The slaw on the side was tart and spicy and wonderful. I think it is my Cafe Pasqual cookbook, I'll post it when I get back if it is.  Fred got the Plato Supremo which had a pork carnitas taco, chicken mole enchilada and chile relleno.  I thought the mole was a bit sugary, but with a nice chocolatey bite.  The pork carnitas were a bit dry, but flavorful.  The chile relleno was wonderful.  Dessert was homemade blueberry pie and it was splendid.  The crust was tender and flaky.  Fred and Sheldon inhaled it!  Kitty thought it a bit sweet, but she doesn't really like blueberry pie. I  don't like blueberries, so I just tasted a bit of crust.  Both Sheldon and Fred thought the pie to  be not too sweet and amazing.  You need to make reservations for Cafe Pasqual's.  

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on the Llano Studio said...

Next time your in Taos check out Brodsky's Bookstore, I have landscape paintings at the gallery next door. And do and Michael's Cafe for breakfast it's one block North . Sounds like a great trip even though Taos Pueblo was closed.