Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break 2009: Santa Fe with Kitty and Sheldon

Fred and I are enjoying Santa Fe, NM and the surrrounding areas during my school's spring break 2009.
Here we are at Doc Martin's in Taos, NM were we stopped for a nosh in the afternoon after roaming around Kit Carson's house and museum, the Harwood House Museum and the always wonderful Fechin House and Taos Museum of Art.

We arrived in Albuquerque and after a small panic regarding the rental car, we got on our way. We picked up our friends Kitty and Sheldon, who arrived from NY an hour after we did. We drove our mini van to El Portal, which was OK for lunch. The carne adovada was a bit dry. The sopapillas were wonderful though. The main square was a bit boring.

Here is a photo of the four of us from today's hike in Bandolier. We were in one of the cave dwellings. We did the hike to the cave dwellings and to Alcove house. It is a great hike and very pleasant. As Kitty says, Nature on a leash. We are going to come back and do one of the more strenuous hikes to the falls.

After Bandolier, we went to Los Alamos. Rather a Stepford town, but steeped in history. The Bradbury Museum was free, which is a nice change from Taos prices (basically, the Kit Carson museum is $5.oo to watch a history channel video, but you are supporting the site, so I guess it is all good in the long run).

Fred and I aren't big war or science buffs, so while it was interesting, it paled pretty quickly. We also stopped at the San Ildefonso Pueblo. They are known for their black pottery. It is a very small and impoverished pueblo and it is a bit odd to have to buy a photo permit and to feel like your every move is being watched and reported upon. It isn't very welcoming, yet I felt like they did need the revenue. So it was rather a mixed visit.

Here is a shot of all of us being silly by a gorge (long story!) on a bridge at Bandolier. It's been great weather as well, so all is fine.

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