Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring Break Blues

It's a couple of days before Spring Break and everyone is falling apart. There is another round of flu hitting the kids. Tempers are worn to the breaking point. Teachers are at their last straw, a very small and measley sprig of straw and any child with a late paper is getting the queer eye. The students have had it with papers, papers, papers and works cited pages and tests and quizzes shoved in at the last moment before the marking period end. Third marking period sucks. It just does. I teach research for US history, Government, World History, Health, Honors Chem and Chem. I even do a small Psych project with the kids. I'm worn out. I had 17 classes of works cited pages to grade and I made a mistake and pregraded some of that means I still have 6 history classes to give real grades to. Plus the Chem annotated bibs need to be graded.

Granted this is my job and I love teaching research. But concentrated teaching like this drains me. Just drains me.

I can't wait for Friday and to be released from this marking period. Seriously.


Lazygal said...

AMEN! (oh, and only 36 hours to go...)

FredCanDoIt said...

Just think. We will have some good food and some fun next week.