Saturday, February 7, 2009

Beanies Are Art

I was browsing around in Ravelry and happened on some amazing freeform crocheters who have done some incredible designs. One in particular, Renate Kirkpatrick, is doing some incredible things including a fabulous Dahlia (free pattern at her blog), that could go on a beanie....when I was browsing through some of her projects, I noticed that she had a snood and some beanies for the Alice Springs Beanie Festival, the official website is here. What a cool festival to attend. Not only do you get to see some fabulous artists and their work, but you can get a hat to rival Aretha Franklin's! In fact, the official website has a book of beanies and some free patterns to download. Since beanies are the world's happiest hats, I think we should all consider crocheting up some happy beanies! Or at least take a look at some world class hats and smile.

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