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Child of a Dead God (Noble Dead, Series 1, Book 6) Child of a Dead God by Barb Hendee

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Child of a Dead God is the sixth book in The Noble Dead series by Barb and J.C. Hendee. This fantasy series that follows Magiere (a Dhampir, who is a cross breed of several different races) and Leesil (her lover who is a half breed elf, Chap (one of the majay-hi in a wolf-like body, although I see him as more of a big fuzzy siberean husky sort) and Wynn, a mage, finds the group with elf protectors trying to get south in order to recover an artifact that EVERYONE wants.

Of course the oily vampire bad guy Welstiel is still around and Chane too. There is much Tolkienesque traveling, walking, hiking, traveling by foot, on horse, in boat, traveling, traveling, traveling, hardship, hardship. Please! I put the book down several times just to get to something more exciting. I kept picking it back up because I genuinely like these characters.

The problem with the book seems to be that there isn't a focus on developing the relationship any more. They seem stuck and static. The descriptions and dialogues don't move us to a greater understanding of their motivation. So it was sad to read this book in a way because while it marked a major end for some characters, it didn't mark an end of the series and I think it should have. They should have built more time coming up with steamy scenes between Leesil and Magiere or tender scenes or loving scenes....anything! We needed more depth and feeling for these characters if we are going to follow them on to more exploits. For me, this was a good end to the series, even if that is wasn't the authors intended.

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