Thursday, February 5, 2009

Books on Your Phone!

Wow! I just can't believe it. I saw a tweet from Just One More Book about Google coming out with a mobile phone app that allows you to read public domain books on your phone. The Google booksearch blog calls it 1.5 million books in your pocket. I just grabbed The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells and started reading. Totally wicked cool.

However, there is another alternative and that is the Stanza app for your Iphone. Anthony Ha over at Venture Beat says that Amazon should be worried about this app as it may seriously affect Kindle sales. Personally, I have told my husband to buy me a Kindle (when it first came out), sent it back after more study. Then in Oct., a friend got one and raved about it, so again, I asked for it for Christmas 2008. But when I learned that the Kindle 2.0 is coming out (apparently Feb. 9, 2009 according to Venture Beat), I told him to cancel the order.

I love my Iphone. I really, really do. And I just downloaded Stanza and have the google book reader on my safari why pay for a Kindle?

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