Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Ghost in Love: A Novel The Ghost in Love: A Novel by Jonathan Carroll

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I love this book. It started when I read the recommendation for the book from one of Nancy Pearl's columns where she quoted from page 171 "A man, a dog, and two understandably disgruntled women were walking down a sidewalk. One woman was a ghost, the man should have been dead, the dog was the reincarnation of the should-have-been-dead's girlfriend, and the last, the tall woman, was an innocent bystander who had the bad fortune of loving two of the others." HOw can you not fall in love with a book where the writing is so lovely and quirky and the story so strange and compelling?

It starts off with a bang and and it just keeps the pace at full throttle. It is a bit of a fantasy novel, love story, dog story, philosophical musing. It is a bit of all of those things and yet the whole is much more. It is an entrancing read. Enjoyable down to the last drop. So much so, that you slow down as you approach the end of the book, hoping that perhaps you can make this one last just a bit longer.

And I do look at my dog differently. After all, dogs can see ghosts and ghosts can speak dog. But then I always knew that. Didn't you? Read the book.

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