Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ava Wrap De Novo

Well, I sent off the American version of row 3 on the Ava Wrap from Vintage Crochet and French Girl Knits is going to compare it with the English version. It seems to me that they are missing a piece on how to deal with the V stitch in between the triples. I sincerely doubt it is user error! ha!

I guess I will see tomorrow. Still no bee guy. But Fred is ready to donate our 11 year old van since he now has the llama car to drive around.

Big Girls's Stitch n Bitch is this Monday at my house. My crochet peeps are coming over. I never thought I would actually write that sentence in my whole entire life! Anyway, we should have a very nice chat and nosh and hook session.

The other problem I am having with the Nico skirt I am going to take up to Aunt Helen's this weekend and see if she can show me what I am doing wrong. If she can't fix it, Gisah can. 8-)

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