Friday, May 30, 2008

Bee Guy and Upside Down Tomatoes

Here is Fred and Bob the Bee Guy. He took away our second hive. Poor guy! It was really, really hot that day and he had th ebee suit on. Our bees were very sweet and didn't put up a fuss. Fred misses them. I miss them a tiny bit too.

In other news, Fred has built an upsidedown tomato holder. The photos of his marvelous creation follow. Evidently, hanging tomato plants upsidedown if preferable because then you don't have to stack them and it is easier to get the tomatoes.

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Yarndoodles said...

I heard about this. One of the people who write for our newspaper's gardening section tried this last year. I'm not sure if it worked for her but it sounds great. Sure beats taking up space in a garden. I guess you just have to find a good place to hang them from. Maybe I'll try it next year depending on how Fred's plants do.