Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Beauty and Bees

All I have to say is Thanks God, as Gisah's mom always said. Fred has finally consulted a bee specialist to deal with the renegade bees who have set up shop in our walls! Evidently the neighbor who lives behind us has an apartment near our back property line and there is a hive in our guest house. That hive was hive 1. Hive 2 is in our main house (as if we lived in a mansion! haha, really, the guest house is 300 square feet and needs to be demolished!).

For four weeks Fred has tried to make the entrance to Hive 2 smaller in the hopes that the wild bees will move the hive someplace else. But they really like Hive 2 and have no intention of leaving. So this afternoon, the rental agent, a small, officious man, told Fred of the neighbor's great fear of bees. Repeatedly. Seriously, with hands clasped. And then he stated it again, just in case three times wasn't enough.

Soon, a Sarasota bee keeper will be looking out our two hives and will move them to friendlier hive homes.


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