Friday, May 2, 2008

Toronto is home to the best yarn shop in the world!

Romni Wools. Yep, that's the best yarn shop ever! (and if you want to know about the other shops in Toronto go to because this gal has checked them all out and written the definitive guide!)

I admit it. Now I look for great yarn to bring home for my ever growing stash. In fact, I think I do suffer from a syndrome called SABLE (stash acquired beyond lifetime expectancy - this acronym was defined in my latest crochet book purchase: Creative Crochet Lace by Myra Wood...oooooh I love this book!). And sure enough, Romni Wools provided me relief. I found two lovely sets of hand-dyed mohair yarn. Hand-dyed in Canada. They will make a lovely shawl. Shawls, rather. I better start wearing shawls every day. I'll have one made for every day!

Romni Wools is a crocheter's dream. It is filled floor to ceiling with yarns. All types, in a strange and undecipherable system of organization. There are many rooms. There is a whole aisle filled with green yarn, green in that it is made out of soy, crab shells, bamboo, hemp, you name it and it is in that aisle. And such colors! Silky too......excuse me, I'm drooling.

Did I mention that there is a downstairs? It has a narrow hallway filled with SALE YARN. OMG SALE YARN. Be still my heart. Let me rest on the stairs for a bit. SALE YARN in MORE THAN ONE ROOM. OOOOOOH. So, yeah. Romni Wools Rocks. Really rocks.

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