Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yarns from Sari Material?

My new crochet book the chicks with sticks Guide to Crochet has a very cool bag that is made out of yarn from recycled sari material! Way cool. So, I went looking for sari yarn and found The Wool Peddler. Go and take a look because these yarns kick major booty. The colors are amazing. I've tried to see if there are any other suppliers, but haven't found any that look as good as The Wool Peddler. I'm very high on this book as it seems to have some easy and cool patterns. There is also a felted bag that is uber-cool. It also has felted flowers. I don't like the handle; I think a crocheted handle would be better, perhaps with smaller flowers for a completely flowery handbag. Sort of Queen Elizabeth and I could wear it with my tea hat to tea. After all, if you are going to wear a hat, you need a great purse to go with it. I'm still having problems with the patterns in Vintage Crochet. I tried the Nico skirt and the final round (8) is a bitch. I can't seem to get the corners to work out. I ended up with three corners...there should be four. This is the second problem with a pattern from this book and I am very irritated. I'll take it to Northern California with me when we go on vacation. Gisah will know what to do to fix it.


Gisah said...

Haven't heard of this yarn but sounds cool. I'm trying to get my head together to start up on Wanna sell some scarves????

Gisah said...

Oh, yeah, you think I'll be able to fix it? I'm planning on doing LOTS of crocheting up there. I'm into lacework now and am planning on only doing lacework scarves. This is what my grandmother was doing when she taught me to crochet alooonnnng time ago.

Gisah said...

BTW, I'm bringing you that bedspread that I've had for I don't know how many years! We'll either fix it or we'l l find something else to do with it. I think the term they use is "frog" it?
I found a group that meets here in Mtn. View for Boba tea and knitting/crocheting. I think I'll join them next week!