Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yarn and Thud and Tea and Brownie Recipe

YARN: I posted earlier about the new cubbies I bought. They haven't arrived yet. But I bought something else as well:

It's a Swift Yarn Winder. I got mine at Jo-Ann's. I've wound five hanks into handy yarn balls. It works great and it is beautiful being made all of birch. I highly recommend it if you have a bunch of hanks lying around. Beats trying to con someone into holding the hank for you!

THUD: In thud news, seems the old boy is back to his normal, curmudgeonly state. Our vet, Dr. Howell, diagnosed fluid in the heart lining perhaps caused by a sarcoma. Seems, though, that while trying to get a sample of the fluid, the hole created also leaked the fluid into his body cavity and dispersed it harmlessly. YEA! So he is back to normal, nothing wrong with him except what was wrong to begin with: thyroid, allergies, hips, arthritis. He is the most expensive pound puppy ever! Isn't he a cutie! The photo is of him and Willow, our chocolate lab.

TEA: On Saturday I held the 7th annual Senior Tea at my house. I invite all the seniors I am especially fond of to tea. I would have photos, but the ones Fred took are not very good. So I am waiting for Steve to post them to his facebook. Then I will download them and share. I had a wonderful time, we all had a lot to eat, and it was fun to just have my seniors all together. I really don't know what I will do with myself when they are gone. It will be so different. Very quiet! 8-) I was very thankful that Amanda, Lauren, Anna P. and Ellen stayed because not only did it give me extra time to spend talking with them, but they very kindly helped handwash the tea cups and saucers. Lauren actually helped make sandwiches and then stayed to help clean as well. So, she better get her facebook account because if she doesn't how will I know she is back in town and take her dinner?
GREAT BROWNIE RECIPE FROM BARBARA: Take a brownie mix and follow directions on box. Put 1/2 of the mix in a 13x9 pan. Then take three (3) symphony big bars and lay them on top of the brownie mix. Pour the last half of the brownie mix on the chocolate bars. Bake.....and then eat! So fabulous and so easy!


Gisah said...

I almost bought you one of those when I got one not too long ago! Boy all those years of using chairs, knees and husband!!!

Lindsey said...

waah, i would've stayed if i could! but hey, next time. we'll definitely have to schedule a time soon for me to come over and start my lessons. :)