Thursday, April 14, 2011

24/7 library continued

All of our stuff is public.

There is a gale mobile app. Accessmylibrary: only have to authenticate once! if they go to new york once, then they can get into all of NYPL for ever!

We have seen an increase in authentic assignments. Students are in a mock senate trial.

The school has their own live stream channel. they have their own channel. it helps with storage space issue.

We recorded our parent meetings and put them up for them to see if they couldn't come.

Media 21: stem science technology math and engineering. We are also getting rid of print textbooks. we are looking at teachers creating their own curriculum.

Stem curriculum comes alive: above project was taking the construction project and making it a stem project.

Bringing faculty onboard. twitter as a personal learning network.

professional development: 23 things

She would do 10 things now. Do it differently if she did it now. She got 77 people to sign up. Her incentive was that they could wear jeans every Friday.

You dream it...

we will build it for you.

we will help you use it.

we will learn something new together

this is our job.

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