Thursday, April 14, 2011

Debbie Abilock's Presentation

Member of BAAISL for many years and is wonderful! Has her finger on the pulse of independent schools.

Who Knows What... A school-wide lens on Evaluation

This will be online and I will give you the link at the end.

WE have a problem. Everything is misc. China completely censors every word that comes out of a news anchors mouth.

When we use the fake examples, it's a gotcha. It doesn't translate into real learning. Or we give them huge checklists with lots of acronyms.

new research on kids:

these are debbies words.

credibility switches based on point of view.

credibility also changes with expectations

credibility changes with sosource

credibility changes with your need

kids understand flexible criteria but they search by popularity when they use google

It is also important that librarians teach their parents!

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