Thursday, April 14, 2011

Programming in Your Library (Delmar Burke Library)

Moving into this new library, we deciding to use this library as an art gallery. We display art by female students. We have four computers dedicated to our online access catalog. 24 laptops in a laptop cart and seating for 72 and can accommodate 140. Students visit for researcerh. K-8 grades. 40,000 items in the collection.

Head of school: Library is the center of our campus. It is the heart of our school. It is the hub of what goes on. What is the future of libraries and information. We are at the cusp of a change. We need to honor reading and the love of reading. I'm a fan of the library. we make a big push for supporting the library. We provide food for thought among teachers, parents, students. Welcome! We are thrilled you are here. Librarains susan faust and Helen wily we are so proud of them and the job they do.

Susan faust's presentation:

the library is a learning center. we work closely with teachers. it is in our institutional DNA. Art science, classrooms, library, technology. Our program has proceeding on two tracks: literature and art. literature appreciation. We guide them to more adventuresome reading and more thoughtful reading. We ask them to read in more categories. we ask them to respond to their reading in different ways. Ask them to have a literary frame of mind. another way we foster this is through author visits. The visit is tied to something going on in the classroom. another major part of the theme for this year has been the idea of play. In many ways we have played that out this year in activities this month. We did one school one poem. Played hide and seek in the library. the other piece we pursue is information literacy. We do this K-8. Information needs, note taking etc.

We also want to deal with social responsibility. We created a human timeline of wilma rudolph's life as an example. Right now we have 4th framers trying to nominate someone to the hall of fame. The girls are putting their reports on the iPad. their reports are iBooks.

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