Thursday, April 14, 2011

third session: 24/7 library

by susan geiger and and anne arria

1:1 laptop school
blended it and library staff
fully networked

managed not locked down network.

philosphy: yes kids are distracted, but they will learn how to handle it.

We were able to reinvent our roles as librarians. Our mission is the same.

transliteracy: is the ability to read write and interact across a ranage of platforms tools and media from signing, orality through ....definitation from wikipedia.

The use flat screen ads: book covers,

Their students are auditory learners.

They use QR Codes: quick response codes. each one has a you go to the link, it creates the QR code and you can create the parcode for the smart phones to use! google QR generator. Free apps for smart phones. QR reader for app for your smart phone! Don't link to a film. Test it on your mobile.

great way to collaborate with English teachers.

We have a facebook. We try to post regularly.

We do wikis. We consider ourselves to the be technology leaders. WE do it for them if they don't know how.

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