Friday, April 15, 2011

New Project

Out of the 200 sacred heart schools I am the only one who is doing this. Need 100% commitment. starts in Sept. with a workshop in citation. The need 6 sources. We subscribe to Questia. We did history first. All the students choose their own topics. Choose a topic that you will learn something new. I told them that their lead teachers may run out of ideas so come to the librarian for more ideas.

I always emphasize that I am here for help. They are supposed to connect their topic within a discipline. History: sacred sounds. You have to have 100% commitment and support of the administration. It is an extra job for the teachers and librarians.

It is a requirement. It is a 1/2 day workshop. It has been going for 12 years. I'm the resource advisor now. I emphasize the use of primary sources. I wanted them to learn the difference between primary and secondary. It is due in April and they invite their parents to the presentation.

The sacred heart schools act as a consortium and share resources. They all have one IP range. They are buying less nonfiction and more fiction. Questia is serving most of their needs. Her kids like the print better.

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