Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rachel continued

"it must be so hard for teens to focus all day if it is hard for me to do this for 2 minutes"

For instance, I teach freshman, freshman seminar. I do a lot of things that aren't a part of being a librarian. 14 year old boys, teaching them meditation, we are int he drama room, and I hear something. Someone had thrown a ball at another student during meditation, but I had to be in the meditation moment and they were waiting for me to be mad. I just rang the bell. I was modeling the behavior. The more that you sit and do that, particularly as a mom, the more you can be open and be there. I also realize how many mean things you say to yourself. I'mnice to myself now.

We want them to be self reliant and empathetic, etc. How do we get there when they feel tottered when they don't have technology? Mindfulness and meditation helps with that. Some have become full on buddhists. Some just know about this tool and they will always have it and can use it in times of need.

The last thing I'll say is that this conference called Wisdom 2.0, google, facebook, etc. were there. These were not my people. They also had the big names in meditation there. They were talking about how tech companies are teaching their employees meditation. But while there is a commercial component to why they are doing it, it is a good thing for everyone to know.

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